The main Drupal Con had finished the previous day, but as there were still a few people around, they had organised a hotel lobby sprint along with Joël Pittet.They’d asked me to feedback my experiences as a sitebuilder updating Drupal 8 websites and I mentioned that I was using Composer, but also knew that I was working much like a developer would than other sitebuilders that may be doing manual updates or using Drush.

updating drupal core-71

But with all of this great power, Composer also brings with it some challenges.

One of these is that as a dependency manager, its really important that you let Composer do its job.

Greg said he thinks its a really exciting opportunity to make Drupal every bit as excellent as It was for the older mechanism as it will be in the future.

Really easy for new users, while yet being powerful enough for developers.

Now Composer is really cool in some respects as it being a dependency manager allows you to pick software from other places and compose them together in a really cool way, which helps Drupal get off the island.

Its not just our software in a self-contained ball, but we can leverage things that are done in other parts of the community.

Lots of ideas have been flowing around, starting with some at Drupal Con Baltimore where there was an initial plan but it never really took off.

The plan was to have a desktop application to manage your Drupal site.

We’ve been talking about different ways that we might break this open, and preserve the same user experience while still enabling the power of Composer.