Though I have to admit that I’m losing patience with Nintendo. Tom Clancy Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 (360) First off, I’d like to thank Bethesda for reviving my favorite series ever with Fallout 3. I’m just not satisfied unless the entrails of my enemies explode like a fat kid hitting a piñata with a Louisville Slugger, so of course, I loved Gears of War 2.Space Invaders: Extreme and Bionic Commando: Rearmed showed that there’s no right way to do a remake: Space Invaders reinvented the wheel, while Bionic Commando just refined it. Now that that’s out of the way, I’m sure some of you feel the ending felt more like a slideshow of what you experienced while playing it than an “ending”, but it was just like old school Fallout and I loved it. I liked the new characters and locations (with the exception of the driving sections). There’s nothing better than killing wave after wave of Locusts with a few friends.I loved the look of the game, and the vehicles and combat were pretty good as well. All of a sudden, I felt like my score mattered and it completely breathed new life into the game since I don’t always have access to live competitors outside of work hours.

Hands down the best action/horror game in a long time, Dead Space is a third-person shooter that uses space mining equipment as weapons against all sorts or alien mutant things that spook you out and make you flinch at their eerie sounds (So it’s a better Quake). If you look through our archives, you will see that this is far from being the case, as our reviewers have played their fair share of good DS titles in 2008.

It’s about a repair team that is going to investigate a mining ship designed to essentially eat planets by cutting out huge cores and refining them for use on habitable planets, but something is amiss, and it’s your job to figure out a solution to a very gruesome mess. The fact of the matter is simply that my DS is still seeing a lot of action, but it has two main functions right now: Pokémon and Mario Kart sessions at lunch with co-workers.

I cannot believe how addicted I ended up being to that game, which is sad because the last RPG I was that addicted to was Final Fantasy IV on the DS… Despite evidence that it does not work for its intended purpose, more and more companies are using the intrusive and damaging Secu ROM DRM scheme in their PC games, which is threatening to drive a large number of PC gamers out of the market altogether. Worlds of Warcraft certainly has its work cut out for itself this year.

Furthermore, as the economy goes farther and farther south and we enter into a worldwide recession, we’re seeing more mergers and acquisitions as either two companies of equal size merge together for survival, or a larger company buys a smaller one and absorbs it. Warhammer came out with its fists flailing and teeth gnashing, ready for MMO battle.

This could easily be made into an A list Hollywood movie (or a B list Cinemax one, anyway). This year, we broke the 1000 races mark, a feat that was accomplished over nearly two years. Maybe Mario Kart Wii didn’t receive the critical acclaims that some of its predecessors did, but it cannot be denied that it is still very fun as a multiplayer game.

The prequel is currently out on DVD and Blu-Ray and the game’s so good I beat it twice! Grand Theft Auto 4 features a great cast of characters, but to me, the story was only so-so. In fact, I have never been a huge online gamer, but this game actually made me care about racing total strangers.

Another thing GTA IV has going for it is its DLC expansion coming up soon, which should keep the game worth playing for a while to come. You play Patapon one time, just ONE TIME, and that song infects your brain like a virus; you want more, more, MORE. Three of my favorite things in one game: Horror, Altered Psychosis, and smashing bums in the face with a brick! They came up with a believable storyline and the game played great. Playing as Maurice Richard and Guy Lafleur is something I didn’t think would ever be possible. Brawl concentrated on perfecting a successful formula by adding even more fan service than what was already crammed into the previous version. Bomberman Blast (Wii Ware) While 2008 wasn’t a bad year for me gaming-wise, it was one in which my gaming habits changed somewhat.

And how could you reject such a game that has tiny eyeball men worshipping you as their god? I loved how well they tied up all the loose ends of the first game. It has tons of levels on and offline for you to run through, and the Co-op Campaign mode and Multiplayer Mode were near perfect. What a coincidence that I happen to be such a big fan of Nintendo. This was partly due to Nintendo deciding actually releasing games for their wildly popular platform was an unnecessary nuisance they no longer had to be bothered with.

It also delivered what I consider to be the best of all the Hot Shots Golf games I’ve ever played thanks to its robust online mode that featured players from around the world. Football Manager ’09 (PC) There is nothing more enjoyable, and more painful, for someone’s wallet than to be in the middle of a console generation’s peak, and that’s exactly where we’re at.