After the FAQ, the forum will get you the quickest response. section of the Media Monkey forum can be added/viewed at User Submitted FAQs In the case that your question cannot be answered in the forums or by the FAQ, you can submit a [2] directly to the Media Monkey developers.

Although the developers try to respond carefully and in a timely manner, this isn't always possible.

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This user name will also provide you with access to Media Monkey's support ticket system and the Media Monkey forum.

More information is available at the MMWiki Introduction.

MTP forces the portable device to work with a database, so extra features like search or browse by artists and albums appear.

MSC devices are not required to do so, so they might only let you browse by directory structure, although some exceptions exist.

Media Monkey is a digital media and media library application developed by Ventis Media Inc., for organizing and playing audio on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

You can read more about Media Monkey's features in the About Media Monkey article.

Media Monkey is a very powerful program that can be a bit daunting to new users.

Fortunately, there are many ways to seek help should a user ever need it.

I did a fresh install of W7 Ultimate 64-Bit and its now updated to SP1 (I hate the Upgrade to W10 offer...) and I proceeded with installation of the rest of the software I need, everything went smooth... and then I recall this page where I see the comment from Richard and I was like, meh... don't just uninstall it with the Program & Features from Windows, after that go and delete the folders from Program Files (x86) and the others located at C:\Users\******\App Data\Local and C:\Users\******\App Data\Roaming then you must restart Windows.