I opted for the full refund since all I wanted originally was to downgrade to a Silver membership.After getting that cleared up, James asked me to explain the entire situation to him, and I gave him the story pretty much verbatim from what I sent to the Consumerist.When I finished James apologized for the confusion that occurred, and he explained a few things including why he thinks the situation occurred: – His first comment was that I was absolutely right that I should have received a full credit for the time paid for (vindication! – My case should have been escalated by default when I first spoke to billing because my request and situation were non-standard.

Xbox Live users are currently having trouble accessing major parts of the service, including signing in and buying items, according to anecdotal reports and Microsoft’s own status page. ET today, Microsoft’s status page mentions “limited” access to Xbox Live “core services” — including sign-in, creating or recovering an account, and search — as well as making purchases, redeeming codes and downloading items.

The problems are affecting all platforms: Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox on Windows 10 and Xbox on devices such as smartphones.

James said that they will make sure to address this in training with their CSRs.

Whether that happens or not I don’t know, but the fact that they called me directly speaks volumes.

– James believes that the major confusion occurred because my annual account was in a decline state, and that it is very rare for a billing CSR to deal see.

Decline states are common with accounts paid on a monthly basis (which makes sense), and the CSR treated my annual account like it was a month-to-month.

This is what I was told: 1) If you are having billing related problems with your account, call XBOX Live support at 1-800-4MY-XBOX.

2) When the IVR (known as Max) answers, wait for the option to speak with billing.

With month-to-month billing if you get declined your payment to bring your account current gets you paid for that month.

Basically you’re just paying for time that you’ve already used.

In our last episode, Force Trainer has been charged for 2 months of a XBOX Live gold membership– the price of a year of service.