similar, but i put her at an 8.5 without the weird tats.

I haven't heard a lot of her material myself, but from what I can remember, she has some great vocals.

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After leaving Blessthefall he later joined escape the fate.

He had additionally made a recording of 4 studio album with the collaboration with Blessthefall.

Right after he got married with his girlfriend lights Valerie Poxleitner during the year 2012, he was for a while busy with his personal life.

His wife was a Canadian pop singer and states that he has a mutual understanding among the relation as a husband and wife. They gave birth to a baby girl who was later named as Rocket.

He earned his popularity with the hit songs he gave so far.

He left the band after a while because of their difference in the thinking of him and the other band members.

After the completion of his higher schooling he joined his profession as a music career.

After replacing Craig Mabbitt, he was listed within the vocalist of Blessthefall.

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