Preliminary notices — sometimes called pre lien notices or notices to owner (NTOs) — are sent by construction project participants at the start of construction or supply work to provide other parties notice that they are working on the project.

Most states require subcontractors and suppliers to provide the notice to key project stakeholders like the property owner, the general contractor, and the construction lender.

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One common term is "pre-lien notice." However, they are one in the same. We use the term "preliminary notice" when referring to these notice documents, but many different places and stakeholders call them different thing.

One common term is "prelim notice." However, they are one in the same. The below United States map will give you an answer at a quick glance.

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In fact, our tool is used by general contractors and owners around the country to help them manage these notices.

In most cases, they want to receive them and find them helpful. Nationwide, there are millions of construction notices sent every single month.Preliminary notices are step one to getting paid in the construction industry.Sending preliminary notices is common in the construction industry.We send thousands of notice documents every month for contractors and suppliers across the country, empowering them to get what they earn on every project.Preliminary notices are also known as construction notices, notices to owner, NTOs, and pre lien notices, but are distinguished from notices of intent to lien, monthly payment notices, and dunning letters.You can learn more in this article: What is a pre lien notice?