NET, maintaining the original case-insensitivity of Visual Basic), which is more of a problem for C# programmers trying to inter-operate with Visual Basic . The basic syntax remains very similar: conditions, loops, procedures, sub-routines are declared and written in the same manner (see Visual Basic).

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For example: operators have been added to provide short-circuit evaluation like many other languages. NET requires a By Val or By Ref specification for parameters.

Var* variable types are deprecated in Visual Basic . The common runtime decides which types are reference types and which types are value types so this is no longer the domain of the programmer. Write Line A procedure call must have parentheses in Visual Basic . In Visual Basic the specification could be omitted, implying By Ref by default.

A programmer who has only worked with Visual Basic may encounter a steep learning curve to migrate to Visual Basic . A programmer who is versed in another language or who has had exposure to the . However, increment and decrement operators are not supported.

In prior iterations of Visual Basic, all statements in a condition would have been evaluated even if the outcome of the condition could be determined before evaluating a condition.

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NET really are parts of existing code: programmers with experience in both worlds are required to effectively target the new platform with older logic. NET developer will have to learn the use of the basic .

NET types rather than what they have been used to in Visual Basic. NET as a new language inspired by the classic Visual Basic rather than as a continuation of Visual Basic 6.0, with the added difficulty for migrating programmers that VB. NET Framework whereas VB6 was based on the Component Object Model (COM).

NET and C# provide only zero-based arrays and lists, and the . NET introduced the concept of a jagged array, whereby the rows can have unequal length as opposed to the uniform length of arrays imposed on Visual Basic programmers. NET allows for multiple inheritance for classes—multiple inheritance of interfaces is supported.