For example, there's Sully's Bar – an atmospheric watering hole from the game "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune” that doesn't have a drop of virtual booze but does have some locked doors that can be opened if you sleuth your way through the clues scattered ‘round the place (or, easier yet, if you do a Google search for the unlock codes).

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But the meat of Home is in the public spaces where you and dozens of other players can run around, chat with each other, and explore.

There's a bowling alley where you can knock down pins or shoot pool with your fellow gamer.

During a late-night visit to the central plaza, I came upon some 20 people lined up around the reflecting pool performing the running man dance and desperately trying to convince passers-by to join them.

Check out You Tube and you’ll see that trying to form the longest conga line possible has become one of the more popular pastimes in Home.

There’s a theater where you can check out trailers for movies and games.

Scoot over to the mall and you can buy a new shirt or new pair of shoes for your avatar for a mere 49 cents.Hide behind the digital mask of an avatar and it starts to feel like you can get away with almost anything.Certainly the bad behavior in Home is not unique to this particular virtual world.And that was our hope – to enable people to form deep relationships." to represent you in this virtual world.You’ll also be given a private apartment (with a water view no less) to decorate as you choose.Players of “Second Life” and “World of Warcraft” have seen it all before.