“They feel like they know me and are in the bedroom with me.”Many sex therapists and educators are interested in the new technology, just as a dentist might be with the latest plaque-detection gizmos. Richmond worked with Ba Doink VR, a virtual-reality company in Rochester, N.

Y., to create A recent video, updated in June, takes women into the bedroom where they see how one blond, busty woman arouses herself before sex.

In early 2014 Ela Darling, 31, a pornographic actress, recorded her first virtual reality sex scene.

The idea is that going back to these places virtually will help victims confront their memories so they can move forward with more internal peace.

But for virtual reality to work, the scenes have to be so lifelike that users get lost in them and take them for reality.

Now the site is averaging about 500,000 views (on Christmas Day in 2016, this number shot up to 900,000.)“We’re getting more and more of it every day,” said Mark Kernes, a senior editor at AVN Media Network, which covers the industry. Sex sells, and where there is money to be made, there will be entrepreneurs who want to adopt it and make money from it,” some by offering it for free to increase clicks.

Pornography is what rushed along the first printing press, and spurred developments in the internet, online payment systems and other technology. Kernes said: “I’m pretty sure there is more porn VR out there than regular VR.”Ms.

They work all day and come home to an empty house,” he said. As correctly noted elsewhere, it is Mc Mullen, not Mc Cullen. It makes technology; it does not employ performers.

“This is just offering an alternative to those types of people.

While virtual-reality pornography may feel like something out of a science fiction movie, it already has a formidable, if underground, presence.

According to website Pornhub, views of VR porn are up 275 percent since it debuted in the summer of 2016.

His company requires written consent from the model for his or her likeness to be used. Cole said VR companies are going to have to address this same problem as they get better at customizing avatars to look exactly like what their customers desire. Can you do something to your girlfriend in virtual reality that you wouldn’t do in real life?