They were rebooting it after 12 years and asked if I was interested. I've known Wayne Brady for a long time, and I also know Drew Carey really well. Ryan [Stiles], Colin [Mochrie], and Wayne are funnier than they've ever been.

So when I was asked to take over for him [Carey], I was flattered and thrilled. Do you think the reboot is going to be different from the original, or are you trying to stay close to the tried-and-true format? People who love the original show will be happy to see that Ryan, Wayne, and Colin are back, so there's a lot of familiar elements for the viewers.

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And since her stint on , which premieres tonight on the CW at 8 P. There's a segment at the end of each podcast where the guest would tell a story about something that had gone wrong in their lives and that would show the listener that successful people aren't magical people.

They just don't let failure define them or keep them from doing what they want to do.

But I don't know if I have some secret answer.

Marriage is a mystery and part of it is just being kind to each other, not being selfish.

Usually when interracial couples are discussed, it's always serious. But the thing is that it's a public park, so anyone is there and can watch your wedding. I'm at the stairs and got ready to walk down, and that's when one of the little old ladies yelled out, "Oh, my God! " [Laughter] But then she goes, "And she's beautiful! How do you make marriage work when you have such a fruitful career in Hollywood? He's incredible and has been invested in my career.

But has there ever been a funny racial situation that you and your husband [Jeff] have been in? There were all these little old ladies who go to the park to watch the weddings. In many ways, my career is *our *career because we met before either of us had anything, so we built it together.I'm hoping it will encourage people to go out and try something they are afraid to do. I've noticed that in your previous book, , you also share parts of your life and past experiences. Do you credit this to being a comic, or were you always this open?Aisha: I don't know if I was always an open person, but I think stand-up comics specifically have this way of running towards embarrassing things—whereas regular people tend to run away—because the embarrassing story is always going to be the really funny story.The one thing is that a lot of people who watched the show never watched it on TV. There's a huge crop of young viewers who watched the show on You Tube, so we have this whole new group of fans who have a passion for improv.I think they're going to get the best of both worlds. When I was a kid, I watched every episode with my parents on the boob tube.: One of the great things about it is that over time all of us have been doing this show for such a long time, so we know to make our guests feel incredibly comfortable as well and they might discuss things they wouldn't normally on another talk show.