The Office of Digital Marketing & Strategy is here to help.

Are you looking to get some help updating your website or advertising online?

Are you looking for TXWES letterhead or a flyer template? Check out the different print templates you can download right now and start using. If you have not been able to complete training but need to make changes to your department's site, we'll offer a one-time update, provided you register for training at the time of the request. The Office of Digital Marketing & Strategy cannot give access to student employees without direct supervision and request from faculty or staff to update their website structure.

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We also plan on automating some steps and adding new steps to improve reliability.

Safe Updates will be live in the next 7 days for all Manage WP users.

Which summarized all your options to choose from when updating your Drupal 7.

We might already have what you need to get started. Here at Texas Wesleyan, we're all about social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and You Tube. To make sure we're always putting our best foot forward review our policies on social media, best practices, guidelines for creating an account and community standards.

In our resources, you'll find everything from style guides and downloadable templates to policies that will help guide you. Texas Wesleyan Faculty and staff are responsible for maintaining all University websites, including department news and events. At the request and sponsorship by faculty and staff, student employees may receive training to update the University websites, including department news and events.

Take a look at our resources and get started today. In order to create and edit content, you must complete the Terminal Four (T4) website training offered by the Office of Digital Marketing & Strategy. The student employee will only have access to update areas of the website for their supervisor’s department and division.

We did several surveys where we talked to you about the feature set and the price, and the overwhelming feedback was that we could charge a pretty penny for it.

But we wanted this feature to be our contribution to the Word Press community, so we decided that Safe Updates will be free, for an unlimited number of websites!

Instead of having to click the Backup now for each and every website, you now click Safe Update and the system provides an up-to-date restore point.

Of course, you need to have a premium Backup add-on activated.

Departments and offices that fail to follow this procedure will be personally responsible for vendor payment.