There’s a reason Hip Hop was built off of healthy competition and I’m fearless.I got fearless tattooed all over my body in a sense where I’ve never been scared of another individual. He and I have interesting conversations from time to time.” From Cannon’s point of view, he did what any man would have done in his situation.

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Throughout his career, Eminem claimed he once had a relationship with Carey, dating her for six months. As a result, Eminem recorded a number of songs in which he rapped about the singer in a negative light, angered by her not admitting to seeing him.

Eminem's sixth studio album Relapse (2009) features a song entitled "Bagpipes from Baghdad", with lyrics suggesting that Eminem is still in love with Carey, and features insulting comments about the singer and her then-husband Nick Cannon.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon got married in 2008, but separated in 2014.

, Mariah Carey decided to throw some shade at her 12-year feud with Eminem when she took part in the show’s signature game “Plead the Fifth.”“Mariah Carey, say three nice things about Eminem,” Andy said.

It's not an even playing field by any measure, but the Eminem versus Mariah feud ended up taking ​an interesting turn. Fly through twice." (Eminem - "Superman")"I done came way too far in this game to turn and walk away, and not say what I got to say. Mariah then responded to Eminem's response (you follow?

Eminem unleashed a fiery diss dubbed "The Warning," in which he goes after Mariah and threatens to leak some intimate voicemails and pictures verifying their relationship. contained the following lyrics: “What you trying be? ) by dropping a new single titled "Obsessed." Despite her claim to the contrary, the song is widely perceived as a diss to Slim Shady.Though not released as a single or as part of an album, "The Warning" appeared on three Billboard charts."Clown"'s lyrics were described as "languidly sinister" by Sarah Rodman of The Boston Globe, and read: "I should've left it at 'I like your music too'...“The way the Eminem thing started was that I never had an issue with him,” he said.“If anything, I’ve been one of his biggest fans, but when another man crosses a line of disrespect, then you got to deal with it."The Warning" is a hip hop diss song written and performed by American rapper Eminem and produced by Dr.