Generally, women tend to prefer men who are older than themselves, since typically income increases with age, men tend to prefer women who are younger because young women have the ability to reproduce more easily(Buss, 1994).

When men are being older, the age gap between them and the women they favor as mates increase (Kenrich & Trost, 1989).

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For example, physical appearance may not be used for a mean of effective evaluation.

However, in cyberspace, typing speed and grammatical presentation are potentially useful telling skills.

Merkle and Richardson (2000) claimed that online daters have strong commitment because of the higher level of self disclosure and intimacy online, more than face-to-face relationship.

Besides, Watt and White (1999) discovered that online communication is in many ways significantly different from normal FTF communication.

Hence, interpersonal attraction has become an important topic on the internet.

This literature review begins in the psychology area with the concept of interpersonal attraction. There are some traditional ways to have a date without online, Silverstein and Lasky (2004) conceived that people meet partner at work (22%), meeting people at pubs(11%) and other smoky places(4%), finding partner at church or interest clubs(6%), meeting people at cruise ship and singers vacations(2%).

Even some research emphasize that the strong commitment in Online relationship, other researcher seems don't agree. They are without physical cues to provide reality check, the computer screen becomes a projection for hopes and dreams, and therefore the person on the other end can be imagined as an ideal lover.

Brophy(1997) noted that online dating is totally different from meeting people at a pub. It was directed deceive in cyberspace, and it is also easy to fall into premature intimacy.

Also young people have trend to postpone marriage until educational or financial goals are achieved.