You didn’t ruin anything by not going in for the kiss! It was statistically (I math-ed this out) much more likely to occur on a second date, and I was fairly certain by that point whether I liked them or not.

If every first date I went on ended with a kiss, I would’ve developed a strong aversion to dating. It is possible for the other person to lose interest if too many dates go by without any tell-tale signs of things progressing.

In just a second, I’m going to tell you exactly how to end the first date. But remember – if you want to get her obsessing over you, you’ve got to be different. YOU are the one who’s taking up mental space in her head. So she’s thinking about you for the rest of the night… Believe it or not, this uncertainty actually FEELS really good for her. but every time you heard from her and got a “hint” that she might feel the same way about you, you got a rush of positive emotions. ) And the more she’s thinking about YOU – the more that you take up space in her mind – the more addicted and obsessed she becomes.

While this kind of move can certainly seal the deal, it can also rock the boat a little too much too soon.

Now, I have exactly one argument in favor of kissing a girl goodnight on the first date: It shows a girl you like her and if she feels the same way, things might take off from there.

I hope that if you are truly interested in seeing her again, you will not wait to communicate with her. If you’d like another date, it’s worthwhile to ask her the next day.

There’s nothing wrong with an “I had a great time” text being sent shortly after the first date is over.

There’s reality TV shows where people are naked on their first date. We’re all just humans (if there are incognito aliens on Earth reading this, it may apply to you as well – not trying to leave you out) with flaws and quirks. In all of the dates I have gone on, there have been very few instances where a first date ended with a kiss.

There is no “this must be done by this point.” That leads to too much pressure, and dating these days has enough of that. My first concern is you referring to her as your dream girl.The majority of my first kisses/encounters have occurred after knowing the person pretty well, crashing at each other's apartment, and/or after a drunk night out.And no first kiss with a random (i.e., on the dance floor) has ever happened sober.So I developed a step-by-step system for doing just that…from the moment I meet her, all the way until she’s my girlfriend. Well, MOST guys either get nervous and fumble this… And this is IMPORTANT: she’s expecting you to do either of those things. The power is mine.” But when YOU are the one to go for the kiss on the cheek, and you wryly tell her that “maybe” you’ll have to hang out again, it leaves an unanswered question in her mind.Many of the women I dated have had guys offer them the world. You’ve got to activate a part of her desire that gets her obsessed with you.