Oh, and I already hooked up with M again at my place :) BEST SWING EXPERIENCE EVER!Enjoy ;) First off, regularly scheduled porn will start again today.

First of all, saying this was the 'bad' club was the worst case of sour grapes I've ever seen. Ok, there were cute people at the other club now and then. I was *surrounded* by hot girls and their attached guys - ok, they were pretty good looking too ;) So we got talking to the guy who asked us to come, and his gorgeous wife who was wearing some little strappy leather teddy.

Their dance floor was great, they had good shower and restroom facilities, lockers, a HUGE upstairs play area. He introduces us to other couples and a gorgeous Latina single girl, as well as the other guy who runs the thing… The girls are all circling round Babywhore telling her how awesome the little black and white babydoll I picked out for her was… The guys were paying her a LOT of attention as well and several frankly told us they hoped we could all fuck later :) Then the Latina girl starts flirting pretty hard with me, I get a nice deep kiss from her and our friends wife and then the 2 of them, Babywhore and 2 other very hot girls are all tangled up on a couch kissing and fingering each other.

Things that seemed to work well are - Try and keep the images the same size. 30ms or less is a good amount for the length of any frame.

Anyway - the 4 that I made last time seem to have been very effective for most of the girls I sent them to. Alternatively make the words move in a regular and rhythmic fashion.

Turns out a lot of swingers are interested in BDSM but they either don;t know anything about it, or they think that BDSM is dominated by people over 50 and over 300lbs.

Anyway, we stopped going about 2 years ago because of stress in our regular lives and because the people who ran it ended up leaving and the new lot weren't as cool.

The worst form of degradation is to truly ignore what it wants, good or bad.

Your enjoyment is paramount, not its pain or punishment.

Now, I wasn't too happy with my performance to be honest. I feel I should have put on a better performance than that, but it's been 2 years!

So I'm hoping for a better showing at the gangbang on Sunday, or the next party on the 8th…

I lost track of who ate who out, who sucked my cock or what…