The Enquirer has revealed that in 1986 when Charlie Sheen filmed with Corey Haim, 13, that he sexually assaulted him!

Corey shared the information with friends, but everyone, including Haim’s pal Corey Feldman, was AFRAID to point the finger at Charlie.

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Super-creepy Seagal, 65, has always been comparable to Harvey Weinstein in his methods – he invited actresses to his hotel room for “auditions” and greeted them in a bathrobe!

Numerous women have charged the massively egotistical actor with sexual harassment over the years, but they’ve been paid off.

Her Rapunzel length wig looks familiar – because Blac Chyna (bottom photo) has been wearing the SAME one.

Chyna appears to want Nicki’s life because not only is she stealing Nicki’s LOOK, (in a low rent kind of way,) but she just recorded a raunchy song and hopes to go from stripper to rapper. We’ve been eagerly waiting for Steven Seagal’s name to come up linked to sexual assault, and Juliana Margulies did it!

“I have long admired Amanda and her effortless blend of luxury and individual style.

Her unique perspective on fashion mirrors what Barneys represents and we feel very fortunate to have her join the team,” says Daniella Vitale. Brooks has been a consistent style influencer through her unique interpretation of the fashion landscape.She has made her reputation combining her trained eye, savvy marketing instincts, and a personal style that inspires. Brooks served as Director of Fashion at William Morris Endeavor Entertainment.There she worked with clients including Chanel, Tod’s, vitaminwater, and American Express on marketing, advertising and image building in the fashion and entertainment communities.Today Portia de Rossi tweeted about an incident that happened when she was a young actress and auditioned for a Steven Seagal movie. She got out of there fast, and was disappointed when she told her agent what happened and he was “unfazed.” Photo Credit: AKM-GSI NOW we all know why Charlie Sheen has been SO quiet during the eye-opening Harvey Weinstein scandal!She recalled that he told her it was important for him to have “chemistry” with his leading ladies and he proceeded to “unzip his leather pants” and expose himself to her! He saw the floodgates opening and rightly assumed that he would soon be in big trouble.“I have been a fan of Barneys since I was 12 years old, when my mother took me to the opening of the women’s store on 17th Street in 1986,” said Ms. “To be the Women’s Fashion Director of a store with such a unique and inspiring vision is my dream job.