A marquee had been erected on the drive of the three-storey detached property, which is hidden from the street by a 6ft wall, while an awning had been erected on the pavement at the gates to the property.

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Charles Manson: How a Twisted Beatles Obsession Inspired Family Murders He led his followers to believe songs on the White Album – most notably Paul Mc Cartney's "Helter Skelter" – were a call for a violent race war Back in January 2013, Jason Marshall met Peter Fasoli through the dating app Badoo and arrived at his home dressed as a police officer on the pretext of bondage sex.

According to The Guardian, in addition to his uniform, Marshall also brought along handcuffs, a utility belt, a holster and latex gloves.

For two years, police believed that Fasoli died in an accidental fire; it wasn't until his nephew found footage of the murder – recorded via CCTV on his uncle's computer hard drive – that authorities linked Marshall to the murder.

"We were all very shocked because [Fasoli] kept to himself, no one really knew him, and we knew he had a lot of electrical equipment, so we just assumed it was an electrical fire," one of his neighbors, Layla Light, told the BBC.

"It's quite scary because it's come out that the guy has killed other people and he died and was tortured to death while we were sleeping."Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell told The Guardian that Marshall never should have been free to commit more crimes after Fasoli's murder, and that he was "shocked and surprised" that the police apparently didn't do a more thorough job of looking into Fasoli's death."There appears to have been missed opportunities and serious failings of the police investigation," he said.