She's not as “easy” as Fiona Gallagher tends to be on the show, Rossum said, setting the record straight in a new interview for Cosmopolitan magazine’s October issue.

"It's not like I haven't had sex on the first date, but usually that ended up in a two-year relationship." The “Beautiful Creatures” actress described her type — more like the “nerdy guy” than a “jock.” Rossum also talked about past experiences that have made her more old-fashioned than others in today's dating scene.

"I once found a guy I was dating dirty-texting another woman and I completely lost my sh--," she said. I won't even give guys my number, because I know me.

Rossum has often worn Herrera’s designs on the red carpet—including at this year’s Met Gala—and has said she trusted the designer to create anything her heart desired.

And Rossum might just win the award for the most low-key bride ever:“I don’t really care what the dress looks like,” Rossum said back in February.

The only thing that’s really important to me is that we get married and there’s some kind of party.”Of course, the dress turned out gorgeous—check it out below:, the wedding guest list included Robert Downey Jr., William H.

Macy, Rami Malek, Christian Slater, Charly Chaikin, and Hilary Swank. ”, got engaged in August 2015 after two years of dating.” You really set the tone and promote us working together.It goes hand in hand with the crazy sh-t we’re doing on the show. What is it like working with kids on such adult subject matter?One of the things I’ve never told you is that you treat all the actors the same.There’s no patronizing or behaving the way I think a father would treat his children. You even ask the youngest actors who are 10 and 11, “Hey, was that funny?She was previously married to music executive Justin Seigel from 2008 to 2010.