It would be much easier just to play Sam for the rest of my life,” she said.

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It's also a story about the utter pointlessness of war," says Cattrall.

Once hair and make-up had done their work, Cattrall's resemblance to the character she played was almost spooky: "Carrie's look was severe and unadorned – the reverse of someone like Samantha. When I first saw the stills it took a little adjustment on my part because I haven't seen that face before. But if you want an interesting career as an actress you need to be able to leave your vanity at the door."Luckily for her, Cattrall doesn't look her age even when she is trying to. "I prefer to think it's possible to be like Helen Mirren or Judi Dench, who look great but also look like women of their age.

She is from a generation of women who were often stifled by their desire to please and be liked; now, in her fifties, she's gaining a reputation for toughness.

Take her attitude towards the movie version of Sex and the City that is currently filming in New York.

I’ve never gone out looking for a man, or a relationship.

It’s just evolved in a very natural way because it feels right.” While the actress, who is currently in rehearsals for her return to the London stage in the play “Private Lives,” may not take on Samantha-like behaviors, she does share a few things with her “SATC” character.But once we'd hammered out that problem out I was more than happy to get back into Samantha's skin.I have nothing but affection for that character."Indebted as she is to Samantha's sassiness and strength, she is pleased to have proved that there is more to her as an actress than just Samantha Jones.Kim Cattrall may be known the world over for playing fearless man-eater Samantha Jones in “Sex and The City,” but she’s never been tempted to try on the fictional PR guru’s attitude in real life. No, no, no, not unless I’ve got lines to say and I’m on a set,” she told Britain’s Telegraph newspaper.“I’ve never been able to do that thing of picking up men.Cattrall and Levinson, the actresses’ third husband, married in 1998, one year after she was cast in the hit show, the couple divorced in 2004.