However there is a incestuous storyline linking Michael and Kiki.

Those who love him know there's more than meets the eye.

Starr states to Michael that she must leave Port Charles and Michael needs to stay to help AJ with the ELQ stuff.

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Starr is devastated and is determined to make Sonny pay.

Later, Starr goes after Sonny with a gun and is about to shoot him when Michael shows up.

-Shot AJ Quartermaine and lied about it to Michael.

Friends & Family-Luke Spencer: friend-Michael Corinthos: son (adoptive)-Morgan Corinthos: son-Kristina Davis: daughter-Dante Falconceri: son Foes-Johnny Zacchara-Julian Jerome Love Interests-Carly Corinthos Jacks-Olivia Falconeri-Alexis Davis Complex, confident and wise, Sonny Corinthos has taken his hard-earned experience as a street hustler and transformed himself into one of the most powerful figures in Port Charles.

During the Halloween week, Starr and Michael start making out on Starr's apartment couch.

They end up dressing up and attending the Haunted Star's Halloween Party.

It is later revealed after Brenda plays few mind games, that Michael and Brenda never slept together.

Starr's portrayer Kristen Alderson is now cast as Kiki Jerome, the daughter of Ava Jerome and supposedly Franco.

There is still some uncertainty of her true family lineage.