“It’s a really rewarding experience,” he said about being able to openly discuss ideas with the team.

“Everybody involved has a high level of creative input and is passionate about it,” he said.

The number of season have not been planned, but the show does have a narrative endpoint as the light at the end of the tunnel.

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There are no rules for actors, especially in the digital age, he says.

“When I started acting we were shooting on film; there was this huge emphasis on doing things a certain way and that’s changed,” he says.

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While Fugit thinks directing “would be a hoot,” he’s happy to stay in front of the camera now. “If I had come up with a plan like when I was 17 I think I would be batshit crazy by now because it would not have gone the way that I wanted.

Patrick Raymond Fugit is an actor who was born on the 27th of October, 1982 (his age is 32 years old) in Utah (Salt Lake City), U. His mother was Mexican and his father was a Native American.

So you’re watching him battle that within himself and outside himself,” he said.

“If you empathize with him, and he feels bright but has to make dark decisions, it's more interesting.” Fugit says working with Kirkman and showrunner Chris Black is a collaborative and educational experience.

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