R5 has been recording songs for a long time and usually uses them in their videos on Youtube channel called R5TV.

(Found on Riker's Youtube account (Riker Lynch) and the Official R5 account (officialr5.) Though, since they've been signed, they've been professionally recording original songs set to be released on a full length album set out for release in fall 2013.

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Rocky writes and produces a majority of the songs, while Riker co-writes a lot of them.

In Sometime Last Night, Ross, Rocky, and Riker have stepped up and started writing more of the songs.

The songs on the EP include: LOUD, Fallin' For You, I Want You Bad, and Here Comes Forever. As the oldest of the R5 clan, Riker got the ball rolling very early, dancing and performing Michael Jackson and Grease routines when he was four years old for the adoring family members.

On August 20th, R5 released a single, named Pass Me By. Soon, that turned into four younger siblings, all mimicking Riker, and R5 was born.

R5 performs concerts mostly in California because that is where they are from.

In May 2012 they went on a West Coast Tour and performed all around the western part of the United States.

Rocky's model good looks and quiet demeanor definitely fool people, but he actually is a very calm presence and a bit of an old soul.

Rocky is quite playful, and likes to joke around with his family as well.

Their first full-length album, Louder, was released on September 24th 2013. He started taking dance lessons and found small acting roles around Denver.