Scroll through to see their stunning wedding weekend, including Bryiana's gorgeous gown and even more moments that were also captured by their photographer, Charlie Couch.

who is rob dyrdek dating now-30

'""The next day...she's looking at me, she's like, '665, 700, 750...' I was like, 'Why are you throwing numbers out there? Big Black also talked about his weight loss over the past few years.

' 'That's how many ear hairs I just counted,'" he continued. The 6'6" star said he weighed 416 years ago and slimmed down to the mid-300s and wants to get to 290.

"The next time I see the most wonderful man God has ever created, I'll be walking down the aisle to him to start the next chapter of our lives.

I love you more than anything in the world and I can't wait to (officially) be your wife." We are so happy for them!

We're sitting there watching TV and she keeps looking at me from the side and I'm just like, 'What?

' She's like, 'Daddy, do they have hair salons for ears?"I love every little detail of our love and what we have together is truly magical," she wrote on her Instagram account."I’ve spent my entire life dreaming of the love you read about in fairy tales and I'm SO blessed to share that same love with @robdyrdek." Now, as true Disney royals might, the couple's soaking up the sun -- and the shine of Bryiana's HUGE rock -- by the beach.He said he then went to a drug store, bought some Nair hair removal and spread it all over his ears. He also talked about his future plans."Everybody wants me to come back to TV," he said."Instead of making people laugh on television, I'd like to do radio."He said he would like to host or co-host his own how where he could talk about "everything" and "just laugh.""Thanks to all the comics that let big black do his thang tonight.(Photo Credit: Instagram) “There was a bit of a twist half way through the show that she never expected.