Did you want to be the one who captured Alias Smith and Jones, or the Beast Master?

However, she did not express an interest to discover who she was prior to this, proclaiming, "I know who I am." Three months later, in "Vows," she is seen pulling pranks on Topher.

She eventually tries to seduce him, but is rejected.

Before coming to the Dollhouse, she sold her own artwork at a stall on Venice Beach.

She was seduced by Nolan Kinnard, a Rossum Corporation researcher, who commissioned her to do a large painting.

Priya is Chinese-Australian, though she frequently has an American accent in her mind-wiped state.

In her mind-wiped state, she is instinctively drawn to Echo but lacks Echo's self-awareness.In Omega, November's original persona and memories are restored and she is released from her contract early with full payment at the request of Paul Ballard, in exchange for him joining the Dollhouse's staff; she returns to her life as Madeline Costley, in which she had a deceased daughter named Katie.November's character was originally conceived as an Active who got fewer of the criminal gigs and more of the personal ones.To accommodate the loss of their existing physician and to not let the damaged Doll go to waste, Topher created the identity Claire Saunders for Whiskey.However, after some taunting from Alpha and through computer skills she was mysteriously imprinted with, Claire was able to realise she is really Whiskey.She is one of the most popular Actives in the Dollhouse and, during the course of her engagements, has shown skills that transcend the limitations of her parameters.