“And I tore my Achilles my eighth year in the league. That was the biggest obstacle that I had to get over.

I had to not only prove to everybody else, but I had to prove to myself that I’m so mentally strong that I can overcome it.

“It was the first big market that I played in,” said Spikes, who besides Buffalo had also played for Cincinnati at that point in his career. My peers knew I could play the game at a high level, but I wanted at that time what every other player wanted, justification.

The linebacker position is the most physically demanding position on an NFL team.

They take great risk and physical hits from other players in their pursuit of the quarterback and ball carrier.

And so having the opportunity to talk about it on the radio show, that’s what got me first turned on to the media. From that point, I just felt like I’ve got the personality for it. ” Besides appearing each week on the college football highlights TV show, ACC Gridiron Live, Spikes can also he heard every Saturday evening as a co-host on Sirius XM NFL radio.

In addition, he’s writing, photographing and producing a series of books about the greatest NFL players of all time.

The average career of an NFL player is three years.

A linebacker who plays more than three years is very rare.I think, I don’t think, I know, that’s one of the proudest moments and one of the things that I’ve been able to accomplish.Because not only did I tear it in my eighth year, I came back and played seven years after that, and played at a high level, too.Acquired as part of a 2007 trade with the Buffalo Bills, the Eagles knew right away what they were getting in Takeo Spikes – a proven playmaker.And the nine-year veteran linebacker knew just as soon why he was excited to be heading to Philadelphia.Linebackers are to the defense what the quarterback is to the offense: the on-field coach, the team leader, .