She's told pals that she can't sleep at night thinking about the pain she unknowingly caused Mary.' As well as battling debts and depression, she was also involved in a losing custody battle with the son of the late Robert F.

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Terry Kennedy (born May 27, 1985), commonly known as "Compton Ass Terry" or TK, is an American professional skateboarder.

He rides his skateboard with a regular footed stance.

There was no hint, in her final moments on BBC Radio 2, that this was to be the end.

Sarah Kennedy, the 60-year-old stalwart of early morning broadcasting, simply went on holiday on Friday, August 13 - bidding her listeners a cheery au revoir - and never came back. There was to be no farewell, on air or off it, even though she was at the station for 17 years and was one of its most popular presenters. The 4.7 million listeners who tuned in to her Dawn Patrollers show still fail to understand why Kennedy, an eccentric but beloved presenter, left in this seemingly impulsive, cloak-and-dagger fashion.

Ice Cream VOL.1, Baker 2G, Summer Tour 2001, Baker 3, Baker Has a Deathwish, Shake Junt's Chicken Bone Nowison, Street Dreams and Bake and Destroy.

In June 2005, Terry was shot twice while leaving a party in Long Beach.

Not fitting in: Despite her long career at Radio 2 Sarah Kennedy was cast aside because she was simply too posh, too old, too dotty, too Right-wing and too much of a loose cannon, according to a BBC source One friend, who met her recently, said: 'I was alarmed by the way she looked - I was worried that she might be unwell as she was looking so painfully thin.' It was evident, surely, that eventually she would tire of rising at 3.18am each morning.

And so it was that, on her summer holiday, she seems to have felt an overwhelming desire to cut loose.

They came about because K 'I have never, never, never in my life gone into the BBC other than being stone cold sober,' said Kennedy. This, in turn led a number of people - including her BBC colleagues Dermot O'Leary and Chris Moyles - to make snide remarks about her alleged drinking habits.

A friend of Kennedy's at the BBC, who had lunch with her not long ago, says: 'She likes her lunch and she likes a drink, but I've not seen any sign of a problem, and I have known her for more than ten years.

So what did happen to Kennedy, who was seen in the Wogan era as one of the great BBC Untouchables? 'But I would give my two feet to know who's got it in for me at the BBC.' She went on: 'I have known for an awfully long time that I have got an enemy at the BBC and I would love to know who it is.' So who killed Bunty Bagshawe?