And so Jones gave us all a window into the reality of the situation: the lack of pressure on the Cowboys to get something done, the lack of fervor from the other 31 teams to pursue Romo, and the fact that, sad as might be, this decision really became one that had a far larger personal than professional impact on the Jones family’s football team. In fact, as recently as seven or eight months ago the idea of this unfolding the way it has for a guy who was the unchallenged leader of the Cowboys for a decade would’ve been unfathomable.But it quickly became clear that Dak Prescott was no flash-in-the-pan, and that he could provide Dallas with a younger, cheaper, more durable successor to Romo.“I can’t tell you how much I respect the man,” Cowboys COO Stephen Jones told me that week. And at the same time, we’re all in on Dak as well, and Dak sees the compassion from Tony, and he has to love it. The Texans were very legitimately interested, but only on their terms.

“I’m happy for them,” Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant said as he arrived for his teammate’s big day.

Tight end Jason Witten and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones were also in attendance.

“Tony picked out every song and what the keynote things are.

And the end of the ceremony, we have a lot of special effects not usually included in weddings,” Fiscus said.

• ROMO WAS NOT THE ANSWER IN DENVER: Robert Klemko on why the Broncos would pass on the veteran QB So the Peyton Manning-like recruiting tour not only didn’t happen for Romo—it flat-out wasn’t out there for him if he’d wanted it.

Add all this up, and in less than a year Romo suffered another major injury, was unseated by a fourth-round pick, asked for a chance to win his job back and was told he couldn’t, and then—with his decade as a starter in Dallas clearly over—got a lukewarm (at best) reception from the rest of the league to his availability.Some football players can’t fathom what it’d be like to go into a summer without training camp hanging over their heads, or a fall without a slate of games to play. And that’s the first thing I thought of when the news broke early Tuesday morning that the Cowboys quarterback was making the decision to walk away from football—at least for now—at the age of 37. But let’s start with how and why this went down when it did.Dallas was readying to release him ahead of what was always the real deadline here, the April 17 start of the Cowboys’ offseason program.Michelle Johnson, the 43-year-old actress who was in 1984's Blame It On Rio, is rumored to be Tony Romo's new beau -- or at least his most recent fling.According to, the two were spotted making out with Romo while the quarterback was out celebrating his birthday.He’s also discussed, down the line, the idea of becoming the next John Elway. At least on the surface, it looked to those around Romo like he didn’t need football the way he once did.