Just looking at the Woodsmen as abstractions or thematic constructs: here you have scavenger-archaeologists digging into something fallen and dirty and excavating something old, something sinister.In this way, the Woodsmen are framing the activity of the rest of the episode, which will dig into history and present us with another kind of evil, one that shaped the identity of our country and changed the world.Truly, there is no honor among thieves and their corrupt jailers.

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was the “David Lynch on heroin” we’d been promised.

For the most part, it was a mesmerizing rush of pure-cut WTF, albeit one that made a certain amount of sense for those versed with the show’s symbol system and Lynchian motifs.

He had no intention of giving up whatever it was that he knew — a string of numbers; coordinates, I believe — unless the man he called “Mr.

Cooper” wished to pay for them, or so he intimated; I think Ray has no intention of giving Dirty Cooper he wants.

Sporting unkempt beards, mottled skin, wool hats, plaid shirts or oversized jackets, they all resembled versions of the character I’ve been calling The Charred Man, the creepy figure who was first seen striking a tortured pose in — and then disappearing from — a Buckhorn jail cell earlier this season.

He was last seen last week, wandering the halls the Buckhorn police morgue.This led to some long, Lynchian shots of Cooper and Ray driving in silence or shots from their point of view of the car following highway lines and directional markers and pushing into darkness across rough, uneven, unpaved terrain.In retrospect, Lynch’s filmmaking choices foreshadow the protracted odyssey to come: This was an episode that basically departed from the show’s main narrative (such as it is) to go off-roading into the wilds of without someone peeing.Ray also knew all about the concealed weapon, and he wasn’t worried abut it for a few reasons, including the fact that he had a revolver of his own, courtesy, we might assume, of the warden whom Dirty Cooper blackmailed last week.Truly, there is no honor among thieves and their corrupt jailers." data-reactid="29"Tension between these two criminals: palpable.(The show’s biggest whizzer, coffee-chugging Dougie, was MIA this week.) Perhaps Dirty Cooper could smell the bulls— on Ray.