Why not start there rather than remuddying the waters?

My Winchester is chambered in 30-30 and the Marlin is in 35 Remington (a friggin' hammer on wild hogs! Both are easy to carry in the woods and a delight to hunt with.

Would really like to know when this gun was made and how much it is worth.

The picture is dark, does it have the cross bolt safety in the side of the receiver?

My 94AE is in the 6 million range, has a cross bolt safety (spoils the looks, for sure) and cost me $300 in 2006, with scope. I'm the kind of guy who doesn't like the way scopes look on lever action rifles.

I am in the process of writing and publishing a new Winchester serialization book (using the original factory records held by the Cody Firearms Museum). The website you reference is another example of the erroneous information that I have repeatedly mentioned.

I posted a rebuttal to that post on Wiki 3-years ago. Bert, It seems you've either deleted my posts or they haven't been added. I was also wondering if I were to redo the blue on the rifle if that would affect pricing positively or negatively.

The scope won't really raise the value unless it's an extremely good one (Leupold or equivalent)No there is no rust, condition is perfect except for dust in crevices. There is not even a scratch except for tiny one on the butt. 20 years from now.....won't even think about how much you paid. That rifle has shot sub moa with everything I have ever fed it.

I bought my little brother one of these in 30-30 for his first deer rifle. Production on the Model 94 reached almost 7 million rifles. That places it as relatively late production, considering it's long service life, but not being a Winchester expert I will not hazzard a guess as to year.

My Marlin was made in the early 70's and is a 336 Texan.