After another reboot and another check, there were 8 important updates and 1 optional updates. Looking over Microsoft’s announcement about this release, I discovered that you need to install a few prerequisites before you can install the CR: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1), which is already integrated into my Windows 7 install media, and something called the April 2015 servicing stack update.

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The folder windows/softwaredistribution/download does exist with only 2 files with very long gobbledygook names and one is only 15kb and the other file is 39kb, Which seems to me to be nowhere near big enough for any update.

I wondered if instead of the clean install from the recovery partition would it be any different doing a clean install from the recovery disks I made when I got the laptop? Yesterday I decided I had enough and started to install windows 10, from an earlier download, but after it started I thought "No you know you hated it" so I cancelled the install.

The document outlines how PKI should be used to manage those permissions, and update both the firmware's digital certificate and a target device's public key.

The work arises out of last year's Internet of Things Software Update Workshop (Io TSU), and is discussed at this mailing list.

And though time just keeping plodding forward, Windows Update refused to do a thing.

After about two more hours—about fours total—I had to leave the house for a family function. When I arrived home later last night, I woke up the PC and saw that Windows Update was now “installing update 1 of 101,” so I decided to nurse it to completion.

Either way, the goal is simple: To dramatically speed and simplify the process of installing and then fully updating Windows 7.

Windows 7 users—and by the most accurate count available today, there are almost 750 million of them—know that clean installing this OS can be terribly time-consuming.

The promise of this rollup is that it will dramatically speed the process of clean installing and then updating a Windows 7 PC. Here, I’ll focus on what I believe to be the most common usage, where you simply clean install Windows 7 as you always would, apply the CR (and its two prerequisites) manually, and then use Windows Update to go the final mile and get the OS completely up-to-date.