Yeah, I was looking forward to seeing her, in spite of everything. No, I didn’t care that they were brother and sister, but they were brother and sister. It must be like looking into a weirdly tinted mirror. Two minutes later I was standing under the hot water, losing myself in the drumming of water bullets against my skin. I doubt that Craig Carter could tell you what color her eyes are. I mean, yeah, pointing out that Craig was so self-centered he would probably forget her name in a couple days was a nice jab, but what he said about learning stuff about her…even better, telling her something about herself even she didn’t know. “Thanks, Dad,” I said, noticeably cheerier than when I sat down. Looking at them might remind me of last night and I did not want to clue them in that I had been watching them. She had been taking a much larger interest in me since yesterday. ” “New day, new ways to learn to love school,” my dad said with a goofy grin. Mom flicked his ear and he tossed her over his shoulder and spun her around, both of them roaring with laughter. I saw Kayla standing at the end of her driveway, looking both ways, an unhappy look on her face. “Hey, Jack,” she said, leaning against the car door. ” “Yeah,” I said, trying to keep that uncomfortable shiver in my spine down, “This is Alan and Amanda.” “Hey, guys,” she said brightly, “Nice to meet you.” “Nice to meet you.” Alan clearly had no problem getting enthusiastic about meeting her. That’s why I have to be her friend, so maybe, maybe, I can protect her from it! He couldn’t stop talking about you yesterday.” I reddened instantly. There’s only so many ways you can tell someone they’re going to be sore and sweaty after getting their ass pounded for an hour.” I realized, as soon as I said it, what was going to happen. I sat beside Joe while, to my surprise, Craig sat in front of me. A minute later, we had successfully divided the class into two equal groups. No arguments.” Walburn checked his watch, put the whistle to his mouth, and blasted a single shrill note.

I dropped my phone on the bedside table and rubbed my face. Just remembering what I saw last night made my mouth dry up, as if I wanted to puke. Jack, if you’re going to date this girl, learn something about her first. What was this new attitude she had going on towards me? Pretend to be interested in me so I knew just how uninteresting I was to other females? “Time for school,” mom said, clapping her hands, “Chop chop! No matter what, I wasn’t seeing a good end to this. ” They didn’t like it, that was obvious, and I wasn’t sure how true they would hold to their word but they nodded and, shoulders heavy with dread, we walked into the building. “Hey, Jack,” she said brightly, “I don’t think I got to meet your friend yesterday.” “Joe,” he said, shaking her hand, “And you’re Kayla. “Because…you’re awesome.” “Oh, please, one day and you’re already calling me awesome? “Hey, just be thankful we’re doing something,” I replied, “Can you imagine spending an hour and a half introducing gym? The auxiliary gym was only about half the size of the main gym, maybe even a third, but still had that varnished smell and the list of school accomplishments posted high up on the walls. The bleachers, only about four steps high, had been pulled out. I distinctly heard Joe say, “Fuck.” He got up morosely and joined Craig’s team.

At least in homeroom, we didn’t have him breathing down our necks. “Because that’s what my dad called it.” “Your parents are super nice, by the way. I told him I needed to get my homework done but…well, there were a lot of ‘just five more minutes’ involved.” She sounded unhappy about it. Socialize some other time.” He sat down at his desk and pulled out a hardcover novel. As everyone shifted around, Kayla slid into the seat next to me and pushed our desks together. She and I had our heads bent down together and I smelled that exotic smell I had yesterday when she passed my car. Like make-up, perfume all kind of fell under two categories for me: good and bad. But it was sweet and inviting, not something that screamed, “Hey! She knew I could summarize them for her but she was clearly not planning to ask. ” “Jack, that’s sweet, but I know I need to do the work myself.” She sighed. It usually didn’t happen so fast but, then again, he didn’t usually have me interested in the same girl. I handed over a ten dollar bill, Kayla beaming at me the whole time. I’d just have to pray mom remembered to fill my lunch account. The class met in the main gymnasium, dozens of shoes squeaking irritably on the newly varnished floor. I don’t want you to have to use your own money to help me.” “It’s fine! When you need something worth a hundred dollars, then we’ll talk.” She squealed happily and gave me a tight hug. I’m sorry I can’t do much else than say that.” “That’s more than enough,” I replied, giving her a smile. “Thanks, Jack,” he said in a dry voice, “Hey, babe, about tonight…” He led her away from me and I wasn’t stupid enough to try and tag along. “I didn’t do it to get in her pants.” Joe was scratching his head, pretending my words were foreign to him.

“Green,” she replied, “It’s my favorite.” And now I knew her favorite color. “Awesome.” “You don’t strike me as being a green type of guy, though,” she said, narrowing her eyes at me, “You seem more like a…purple type.” Joe sniggered behind me. Safety goggles are for safety, don’t put your hands where they might get owies, don’t do something especially stupid, have a good day, see ya!

Honestly, if they just mailed us the textbooks and a letter saying what the class was going to be about, the first couple days of school would be pointless.

But I can’t just step in between her and Craig right now. For a moment, I had actually considered letting him hurt her so I could get my way. I toweled off and put on my boxers and pants but, shit, I had forgotten a shirt. “Morning,” I said, “I’m done in the bathroom.” “Good,” she replied, “Sleep well? ” I didn’t mean it as a question but that’s how it came out. ” “Wonderfully.” She walked past me and into the bathroom, holding my gaze as she went. They were already weird enough as it was; the last thing I needed was them dropping hints about their secret relationship. Last thing I need on top of everything else is to tear my family apart. I could have done the same thing he did if I were more of an asshole,” I growled. ” It was a question for which the answer seemed so obvious and yet so hard to put into words. “Maybe he’s stuck in traffic.” There was no traffic this time in the morning and I knew she knew it. We were leaning against the outside wall of the school, taking our last breaths of freedom before the day began. ” “We’ll talk to her, man,” Joe said, “I know you don’t wanna ruin her relationship so don’t. It wasn’t skin-tight or anything, but, as with all the girls, her breasts stuck out proudly in the thin material while her rear swayed hypnotically with each stride. “All right,” he boomed, dropping the bag, “This class is going to be all about fitness. But, since it’s the first day, we’ll leave off the heavy stuff for something more ‘fun’.” He ingested the word ‘fun’ with as much disgust as he could. Walburn upended the sack and the balls came rolling out. We had lost two, one of whom had been struck by a well-aimed toss from Joe, but, now armed, we charged in and the game began in earnest. I know it was probably sick and perverted of me to even think about it but I thought about it anyway. If they were going to do anything, it wouldn’t be right away. The anticipation was slowing time down and making my heart race. I tip-toed down the hall and, sure enough, saw some light spilling out from the twins’ room. Alan was laying on his back, his eyes closed in ecstasy.

We’re going to be heading out in about half an hour. I’m sorry :( Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn and shit. I’ve seen the girls he’s ditched try to talk to him again and if you thought Chris Brown could be an asshole to women, you’ve seen nothing. ” dad asked bluntly I gaped at him before finally stammering, “Uh…y…yeah…yeah, I do.” “Why? She could trade sarcasm with me as good as dad or mom could, but that wasn’t necessarily something she liked. “He’s supposed to.” She had mouth twisted in what can only be described as a disappointed smile. Her new outfit did nothing to hide her amazing figure. Coach Walburn walked in, carrying a huge bag with rubber balls in it (seriously, get your minds out of the gutter). We’re going to be pushing you to the edge of your abilities and the booting you over that edge. ” Craig shouted, bounding forward off the bleachers. Maybe he just wanted to make sure he would be able to be first at whatever Walburn had planned. The rest lost their momentum, meaning we easily caught them and cost him four players instantly. But then the door opened and the two of them came out, headed for the bathroom. I couldn’t think of anything to do so I just poked around online for a while, looking at random crap. I told myself at that I’d sneak out and take a look. Finally, when the clock read , I couldn’t take it anymore. I slid off my bed and crept to the door that I had purposefully left cracked open.

That breakfast was one of the most uncomfortable meals for me, even including the time I had been caught looking at porn by mom when she came up to get me for dinner. Confession time: I wasn’t all that interested in sex. I was interested in sex, but I wasn’t going out of my way to get it. I was a romantic at heart, in the sense that I wanted to have romance in my life. “You can’t study with me tonight,” I finished for her. “I’m so so so sorry,” she said despairingly, “I told Craig I had plans to study with you tonight but he said that he wanted to do something special with me tonight and I felt so bad just…I hope you can forgive me.” “Of course,” I said, “Kayla, he’s your boyfriend.” She smiled at that but not as widely as she could have. I need to get this stuff done.” “If you don’t want to go, don’t go.” “I want to,” she said, “He’s got it all lain out and I don’t just want to leave him hanging.” “Okay, but if he makes a fuss, you let me know, okay? With ten minutes left to go in class, Kayla dropped the book she was reading for English, , and rubbed her temples. I never realized someone swearing could sound so cute. To my irritation, Craig was also there, leaning against the mat-covered wall and looking furious. “I didn’t have a gym uniform and Jack was nice enough to buy me one.” Craig’s mouth twisted for a moment before forming something like a smile. The smile ended beneath his nose; those weren’t the eyes of an appreciative person. Here, let me pay you back.” “That’s perfectly fine,” I said, waving away the offered bill, “No worries. “Down, boys,” I said, putting a hand on their shoulders. He was taller even than Joe and Brad and had a gut no one dared make fun of. There was murmuring of assent and several fists clutching the garish rags lifted into the air. Ugh, even on the first day of the year, the smell of Axe was offensively strong. At least those don’t get in your mouth and hang around on your tongue.

My suspicions were confirmed when she came in and immediately gave me a look of despair and regret. “Jack…I’m really sorry but…” She chewed on her lip, trying to get out the words. ” “Got it done,” I said, pointing at my head, “All in my noodle.” She giggled. I don’t know if I told you that.” “They have their moments,” I replied, “Any idea what Craig has planned for tonight? “Look, just tell him that if you need to get stuff done, you need to get stuff done.” “I know. Up close, it wasn’t really exotic, just very sweet. “I’m going to have to tell Craig that we may need to cut tonight short. The fact that it was a dinner lessened my apprehensions somewhat, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that he would try to shorten his schedule. Her eyes grew wide and a look of horror came across her face. ” It was the first time I had ever heard her swear. Both Joe and Brad were there, waving and winking to me as I walked in with Kayla. I was too shocked to put my arms around her in return and Craig already looked outraged enough without me adding to it. Brad and Joe flanked me, staring daggers at Craig’s back. “You helped a girl without wanting her to drop her pants? ” “The one where you left your brain.” The door to the gym banging open and Coach Walburn, football coach and lover of all things tied to physical fitness, strode in. ” We filed out of the gym and into the locker rooms. “Well, someone’s got to do the thinking while you do the heavy lifting.” “Stereotype much?Brad and Joe, both dripping with sweat, finally managed to hit each other. I had been holding a ball, waiting to use it, and I knocked aside Kayla’s with ease. I didn’t think I was bleeding but it sure smelled like it. “Jack, I’m so sorry.” Her voice was slightly muffled but it was clearer than the shouts had been a minute before. Walburn was standing in the middle of it, looking pissed. ” Walburn roared, blowing his whistle loudly, “We can’t have this crap on the first day! ” he pointed a meaty finger at Craig, “You’re sitting in the bleachers for the rest of the day.” That wasn’t much of a punishment for Craig. “Come with me.” Kayla walked with me for a little ways before I turned to her. Since the gym classes had the last lunch of the day, we always got ready to leave a few minutes before the bell, and the quicker students had to wait in the hallway between the main gym and the auxiliary gym until the bell rang. Unimpressed with the pizza yesterday, I opted for the ‘specialty’ dish. It was like a boulder dropped into my stomach and flattened out my insides. “Try that again,” she said in a sexy whisper, “And I’ll have to use my teeth.” She started the journey again and I couldn’t help myself; I pulled out my cock from my pants and began to run my hand up and down its length. “Oh, shiiiiiiiiit…you’re so fucking good at this…” “I know,” she said in a sultry voice. I leaned my head against the window, letting the coolness of the glass equalize the sweat. Then again, Amanda’s been a lot more familiar today. Suddenly a light came on in a room over at Kayla’s house. The curtains were half-closed so I couldn’t see much but I guessed that it was her bedroom. My cock, angry with the case of blue-balls it was forced to endure, started to wake up again. The steam opened up my pores and I almost shivered in pleasure. As I soaped up my body, I thought again about Kayla. If Craig was being a gentleman while they were dating, fine, but it wouldn’t last. Maybe they had another…God, kill me…romp before coming downstairs. I was forcing my eyes to not look in the rearview mirror to make sure the Terrible Twosome was keeping their hands to themselves. “I thought you said Craig was going to pick you up,” I said. You don’t have to do anything.” “Guys…Just let it go.” “But you know what he’s going to do! If I go ruining that, how’s that going to make me look? “The first motherfucker who makes a joke is getting rat-tailed,” I warned, twirling my shirt into a whip. Kayla saw me and Craig at once and made a beeline right for us. But we didn’t even know what we were going to do until Walburn just now told us. “All…right,” Walburn said, slightly thrown off by Craig’s eagerness, “Who else? I had gym with him last year and it had been a very successful year for him and a very humiliating year for anyone who tried to best him. You,” he pointed at Craig, “Pick.” “Kayla,” he said at once. I caught Joe’s eye and he made a strangling motion behind Craig’s head. Craig was surprised no one on our team had challenged them for ammunition but he recovered quickly and ordered his team to bean us from afar. With such a long distance to cover, only a few on his team had the strength to hurl the balls with enough force to actually get one of us out. It wasn’t enough to make me fully relax but I could feel the stress leaving my body. If you’re able to tell her something about her that even she didn’t realize then you’re going to be A-Number One.” I chewed my bacon and didn’t say anything. And then, because apparently karma hates me, Alan and Amanda came bouncing into the room, both in unsettlingly high spirits. Ten minutes later, it was déjà vu time as we piled into the car and I started backing down the driveway. As I passed by, I slowed down and rolled down my window. Amanda, on the other hand, just nodded and stared at her. Several passing students jumped and looked at me in shock. But right now, Craig’s turning on the charm so he’s the good guy to her right now. So did Kayla and she lowered her head, hiding a smile. Everyone around me turned, huge grins spreading across their faces as they prepared to say the same thing. I had expected Craig to say something to me, something along the lines of, “Stay away from my girlfriend! If he was going to sit near me at all, I would have expected him to sit behind me so he could ‘accidentally’ kick me and stuff. The girls filed in a minute later, most of them still pinning up their long hair. He wasn’t actually on any team; that only meant that he had to pick one specific thing and stay with it. Craig had gone for size (and the hottest girls) while Brad had picked the more lithe and agile-looking students. We spread out the balls along the line that divided the court and then took our positions against the back wall. Craig’s team charged the balls first but Brad held everyone back. “Didn’t really have anything in mind,” I said, “Whatever she wants to talk about, I guess.’ “Suit yourself. ” Again, I know it sounds like she might have been buttering me up, but I promise you, it was completely genuine. It was as if there were tiny magnets in our hands, holding them together. “Don’t be.” My heart was thumping and I knew I was turning red.