Regardless the website tends to have a good layout and makes a nice first impression.

On the front page of the website there are also some images of some of the current members, which is nice.

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You are presented with beautiful landscape pictures of Africa.

Although it’s not the animals or landscapes that you are interested in, it’s the African singles of course!

Topanga, and the other outcasts at school were trying to get a petition signed to save the job of one of the teachers and it's Cory's crazy, bold idea that manages to get some attention.

The outcasts handcuff themselves to lockers, blocking the hall and after a speech from Cory, the kids go sign the petition.

It’s a shame to be instantly attracted to someone, only to find out after you join that they are living on the other side of the world! To find provide you with the most useful information possible we contacted some of their existing members to help with our Kisses of Africa review.

We asked one female user to comment on her experience of using Kisses of Africa.

However, there is no other information provided such as their name, age or location.

These are simple pieces of information that you’d expect to see and want to know immediately.

Remember, a site may advertise that they have thousands of members, but only a small percentage may be active users.

We also asked a new male member to give us some feedback for our Kisses of Africa review.

He enjoys the fact that the website is free to use, but finds it frustrating that the members he is interested in never tend be active.