I must have been the only girl on campus without pierced ears. I got into UCLA, which for my parents was a deep disappointment.It was not about grades, but about extra curricular activities, I think.

There was only one type of criticism in the comments and that was that the story was unrealistic for a few reasons. We were much more interested in bringing my co-authors darkest fantasies into view. But, that being said, this newest story is very realistic to both of us, to the point of being autobiographical in parts, then to depicting many of our fantasies that could easily become real under the right circumstances.

I admit we got to the point where we felt and became the characters, or they became us. You, the readers, can wonder what parts we have already explored and what parts might be in our future.

They seemed to see through me as though I was transparent. The book was entitled Captive of Gor, and since readers may not know of this place, I will not diverge too deeply.

Throughout the night and school the next day, I knew I had to return to the bookstore. It is a fantasy world, not about guts and blood, not that kind of gore, but Gor, a sci fi planet where women are slaves.

I often checked out the LA Weekly, a free paper that told of Los Angeles entertainment and included a few ads about fetish clubs and other bondage-related locations. I knew I could not afford all the bondage paraphernalia that excited me on my meager allowance.

I loved the various gags and leather and metal bondage gear that I saw flashing by on my Tumblr, and it occurred to me that I could at least ask about this photo opp.

But what really startled me was that she had a collar around her neck, and a long metal chain trailing behind her.

I could not stop at that moment, nor draw attention to myself and let Jeremy know what had caused me to stumble.

It was already , so I had to go directly home, or face an inquisition that I might not have survived.

I was totally unable to lie and deceive my parents.

I could not ask a friend to come along, so I admit, I was a little scared and yet, I was in control and if it seemed unsafe, I would get out of there in a flash. I looked back and remembered how being the "nice guy" was responsible for some really bad relationships.