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The two celebrity guests then enter the studio, and it proceeds to discuss those topics in more detail, with Skinner guiding the discussion and inviting questions and comment from the audience, some of whom are pre-selected to talk about a specific topic.

The two celebrity guests used each week are all primarily known as or having originated in stand-up comedy, in addition to other regular appearances on comedy or light entertainment television. The show has featured: Due to the nature of the series, filming of each episode occurs in the days prior to airing.

Topics included celebrity and fame, the final Big Brother series, the knighting of Simon Cowell, Sheena Easton's hostile Glasgow gig, the attack on Leona Lewis, celebrity disguises; a survey suggesting 20% of women would rather give up sex then chocolate; the Labour leadership election; the Lord Triesman bribery allegations; with the audience including X-Factor winner Steve Brookstein, a teenager undergoing a sex change, and doctor Martin Toby, talking about evolutionary psychology.

Topics included Midsomer Murders; Charlie Sheen; religion, rising atheism & potential bias in the forthcoming census, recognition of The Druid Network; animals, the death of Knut, human's relationship with their dogs, dog-hair jumpers, dog sex-toys and clothing, Miranda's new dog Peggy, Greyfriars Bobby; The Budget and Muammar Gaddafi's Amazonian Guard; with the audience including Andrew Copson of the British Humanist Association, Arthur Uther Pendragon a Druid Chief, Catrima Gabrielle a telepathic animal communicator, and a woman who uses a website to date older rich men.

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Sadly this moral fibre has been lacking from the directors of xfactordates.As such, when promoting the upcoming second series on the BBC's The One Show, Skinner could only refer to film from the previous series.The studio set consists of just red sofa and chair, with Skinner sitting in the individual seat, and the two guests on the sofa.Each series contains 6 half hour episodes, broadcast weekly in the 10pm slot on Friday nights on BBC Two. The second series began airing on 25 March 2011, and finished on 29 April 2011.Topics included plastic surgery, Frank's "lightbulb shaped" head, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton and Dennis Avner (Cat Man); the forthcoming election, class and Prescott: the Class System and Me; marriage, Liz Taylor's possible 9th marriage and Kerry Katona; speed dating, ophidiophobia (fear of snakes), with the audience including a speed dater, elocution coach and a woman who set the 2000 Guinness World Record for most cosmetic procedures - 47.If you have lost money with this company, it's very likely you paid via credit or debit card.