You can actually trick the female brain into thinking that she has already experienced several things with you, by simply changing locations or creating more emotions. ” are just profound examples of what is really happening in reality.

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Meanwhile, women fear speech breaks the most when going to a first date.

This creates a situation where men are going to a first date trying to listen and saying less and women needing to say a lot of unnecessary stuff to avoid that the conversation is getting stuck.

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This is a key skill in relationships for men and I will explain that more in detail in my next article).

Thousands of magazines, online blogs, books and consultants advice men to listen carefully to women when going to a first date.

If you have ever presented for 30 minutes or more you will know that speaking for a longer period of time can get pretty exhausting – which creates an awkward situation for women where they actually need to “work” at their first date, which should be relaxing and fun instead.